State Side Sales, Inc. spots industry trends to advance in emerging markets. State Side Sales is also known for relationship building and creating renewed value for existing customers and their specific market.

Company founder, Joe Durbin, has over 20 years of industry experience developing and executing programs across many customer levels and segments. Mr. Durbin has experience of working with Industry Giants. That, coupled with a mind to stay on the cutting-edge of information and continuing education, sets him apart as an leader and innovator.

State Side Sales > Consulting Services

  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation: Rebranding and Positioning
  • Product Packaging: Concept and Design
  • Sales Promotion Development and Administration
  • Sales Force Development and Establishment
  • In-store Display Design and Assortments
  • Competitive Landscape Review – Pricing strategy, features and benefits
  • Patent and Trademark Establishment
  • Digital Content On-Boarding and Management for .Com