Enhanced Marketing Strategy

State Side Sales - Manufacturers Rep in Atlanta, GA

Our goal is to provide a fresh academic and experience-based review to develop a quantitative research model. We also seek the qualitative and creative aspects to creating value and advancing growth because our belief in marketing is both strategy and art.

We start with a back-to-basics approach review of the product, the channels of distribution, the promotion strategy and the pricing strategy. We take a realistic view of the competitors of the factories we represent and review the market for white space based on carefully determined factors that are the key drivers of the need fulfillment provided by each product. In other words, we find out what pain points our customers experience and what is not being served by the market and seek to find white/open space where margins exist and value and growth can be achieved in the pipeline.

We look for opportunities to combine supporting operations in a real context in which the customer acquisition occurs and achieve process improvement and collaboration from existing investment to provide an Increased Value Benefit.

Review of the above offers a realistic opportunity to improve procedures and outcome ultimately advancing growth through effective identification of target markets and market segments that can be profitably served and grown.

The right assessment allows for product positioning that produces profitable customer acquisition and retention. Our goal is to let the ultimate user know we hear them and have produced what they need. We want the company positioned as an Innovative Partner in the minds of their target market.

Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention combine to Advance Growth and Creating Value.

Ignoring current customers and their retention in favor of a full on strategy to gain new customers is historically very costly.

The result is GROWING existing customers while adding to them!